Takeo Hiyama

Senior Business Strategy Advisor

(Wireless Communications, IoT, etc.) (CEO, ABIT Inc.) In 1985, he founded a telecommunications equipment development company and achieved great success by leading the PHS chipset business and Local 5G, which has largely monopolized Japan's telecommunications market. He also supports several external officers and startups of various businesses, and has established several startup companies himself, utilizing his experience to actively provide ideas and opportunities to the younger generation and practicing incubation.



Yasuyoshi Watanabe

Chief Technical Strategy Advisor

(Leader of the Health and Pathology Science Research Team, Center for Life Science and Biology at the RIKEN Research Institute, M.D., Ph.D.) He has been advancing molecular imaging using isotopic elements such as C11 and contributing greatly to life science research and development worldwide by analyzing the mechanisms inside living organisms that are related to depression, overwork, diseases (cancer, lifestyle-related diseases, etc.), and fatigue. In the future, he aims to comprehensively collect vital data, exhaled/dermal gases, blood, urine, sweat, image data, and cell information, and conduct global numerical and big data analysis.



Tomoyuki Wada

Senior Business Strategy Advisor

(Leader of Quantum Control Technology Development Team, Optical Quantum Control Research Area, RIKEN) He is working on environmental and energy resource problems using optical technology. He is developing optical remote sensing systems for the detection of toxic gases, remote sensing systems for atmospheric monitoring to obtain information on high-energy cosmic rays, and laser systems that use solar energy directly as a source of energy. In addition, he is working on the development of new biological sensing systems that utilize light for applications in bio and medical fields, and is expected to contribute significantly to the development of measurement technology for big data analysis.



Michimasa Naka

Senior Business Strategy Advisor

(Boardwalk Capital Inc. President, Angel investor and entrepreneur) With experience in the global market, he co-founded StormHarbour Securities, an independent securities firm, with like-minded financial professionals. In less than two years, it received "The Most Innovative Boutique of the Year" award in the Investment Banking category from "The Banker" magazine in 2012, the shortest period ever. He strongly feels the desire to create more successful Japanese individuals who can thrive in the global market.