Towards the Future Just Ahead

The world is entering an era of further change. What kind of world is the future that we will hand down to the next generation?

To realize a society full of heartfelt "smiles" and a safe and secure future, we would like to work on digital healthcare, one of the issues that have been difficult to solve in the past and propose new solutions. As we have seen from past successes, for a technology to be recognized as an innovation by society, it is necessary to understand the individual needs and backgrounds of the people who make up society, and to work with professionals and supporting partners to transform these needs into the most appropriate form and spread the technology widely. This is a process that requires professionals and their supporting partners to optimally transform and disseminate this information.

The current global outbreak of the new corona pandemic is not the "plague" or the "Spanish flu" of the past, as described in the history books, but the reality we are facing now. We need to fully consider how it should be passed on to the future and be keenly aware of the need to resolve it. We need to think about prevention, hygiene, individual health status, immune levels, and resistance to protect each of us and our families, while at the same time developing a medical system that can respond to a pandemic as a society. In the past, we tended to think that we would be saved if we could get the best medicine or the best prescription from a good hospital or a good doctor after we got sick, but in the end, it is important to know how well prepared we are to protect ourselves.

Of course, thanks to the medical profession and many others, we are on a converging trend with vaccines, new drugs, and prescriptions, but the damage and loss (including human lives) has been an unbearable pain and experience. We would like to help many people improve their health status and tolerance to the disease by carefully addressing each person's health level status.

Lessons for the World and Japan in 2022

In 2022, Japan's relief that genome analysis showed that Asians and Japanese were relatively resistant to novel corona infection and that the damage would be relatively controlled led to a rise in the number of positive cases, infections, and deaths, despite an increase in the novel corona vaccination rate to the world's highest level, and for a time, the number of people who were positive, infected, or died was the highest in the world. Depending on the mutation of the mutant strain, the route of infection also changed, and there were reports that the conventional vaccine was not effective after only one vaccination, so two or three vaccinations necessary.

We are now faced with the reality that the damage can change drastically depending on the pattern of the mutant strain. In Europe and the U.S., we are beginning to see a strong trend toward increasing the immunity and resistance of each individual. This means that more and more people believe that it is possible to build up barriers to protect their lives against future drugs, vaccines, and treatments, and that it is the last line of defense. Japan is slowly beginning to realize this.

To create a world without disease

During the spread of the novel corona infection, we learned of the concept of "World Without Disease" and were deeply impressed and strongly influenced by the vision of a major foreign pharmaceutical company. We have come to believe that the health and disease risk visualization technology and "health improvement and promotion programs" that we are now pursuing can contribute to significantly alleviating the problems and anxieties facing society and, as a result, actively reduce the risk of cancer, which is the cause of loss of life for many people. In addition, an increasing number of MDs are now saying that the problem of dementia, which Japan faces in the future with more than 7 million patients, is an avoidable disease and that extending healthy life expectancy is technically feasible through lifestyle modifications. That may be a challenge for a small, initially limited network. However, we believe that in the near future, it should turn into a major global trend that no one can stop.

We have conducted several PoC with different groups of participants in 2022 and have successfully accumulated data showing that "health advice" and its implementation through the improvement of health habits and analysis of health impediments can significantly reduce the risk of disease and clearly improve health. We would like to start a new "Digital Healthcare Open PoC 2023", which we cannot disclose directly due to NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). We believe that this will allow us to clearly experience the vision of a "world without disease". Please consider joining us.

We do not want to be comfortable being on the sidelines of history and innovation, but to promote innovation platforms that together advance the small but great ideas and innovations needed for an ideal future. Many ideas start out weak and fragile and are destined to disappear soon. However, an idea can lead to complementary new ideas that support it, sometimes in a chain reaction. As a child, whenever an interesting idea or play was conceived, regardless of age, gender, or where you lived, you could honestly say, "Stop this finger!”. When we become adults, for some reason, somehow, we tend to go deeper into the world of negative thinking, thinking about what it means, what the benefits are, and prioritizing not doing one thing after another. We tend to think, "I'm too old to get younger," or " I just must wait and see what happens when I get old. Even these elderly people, however, change their thinking to a more positive one, believing that partial rejuvenation may be possible when the numerical data on kidney function and blood vessels improve. In many ways, aging has many unfavorable statistics for life support and disease risk. The biggest problem is the deterioration of the autonomic and cranial nervous systems. However, we would like to propose the challenge of changing this through behavior change. To bring a new service or technology from prototype to product or service quickly and deploy it to the companies and societies that need it, we need a team of professionals and partners who can accelerate the project enough to make it happen. If we can do this on a global scale, the possibilities will increase dramatically, and the value will skyrocket.

Innovation Platform Concept

We are widely looking for ideas and professional organizations, teams and individuals to accelerate this. Now, the world and society need and support your courageous and sincere actions.

We at Axion Research believe that it is necessary to build an organic and active innovation platform that functions at a high level to bring together the wisdom of many people who can think and act together.

The innovation brought about by the integration of individual ideas and technologies will change the world as a technology platform that can be applied on a global scale. By bringing together people and organizations with various qualities from a wide range of fields into a participatory platform that does not hinder free thinking, new applications and combinations will emerge, and by further deepening interconnections, innovation through the ecosystem will be able to progress exponentially.

We believe that 2023 will be the year of opportunity to find this new starting point with many others.


Product and Service

These can of course be utilized alone, and they exist as something that can provide services independently, but the application and combination of technologies generated at an accelerated pace from participatory innovation platforms will deepen the interrelationships, thereby increasing the possibility of efficiently providing new products and services. We hope to create a synergistic effect that will deepen our connection with the world by linking the results of this platform, which has many possibilities, to profitable businesses.

You will be surprised that the N-dimensional correlation matrix and color gradation by deviation visualize what was invisible and clearly show its state as a form. This does not mean that you can just collect data and see what is there, but it will help you analyze the past, present, and future of the change and make predictions like a motion picture. Let's create a new future by linking the world of visualization technology with AI technology.


Diffusion of innovation effect

The systemic mission of forming a platform is to maximize the results brought about by the aggregation of independently existing individual "power" and the ability to diffuse information in a way that continues to expand and scale economies of scale. It is not simply about thermodynamic entropy, but about intelligent diffusion designed to achieve a certain objective or result. By exponentially accelerating and expanding the results produced by the innovation platform through various media, professional media, alliances, and sponsoring companies, we create opportunities for more talented researchers and professional teams willing to participate, as well as further develop the system and promote the evolution of the platform to enhance beneficial synergies and expand the human and asset network.


The world never seen before with unceasing SMILE

We believe that sustainable development for the future must be one that meets the demands of today's society while at the same time making future generations more satisfied and excited. Many people will recognize this feeling when they see the smiling faces of their healthier selves, families, and acquaintances. Our goal is to create a health network that creates more sparkling people.

Our goal is to realize a happy future where people are constantly "smiling" from the bottom of their hearts as new technologies produced by our innovation platform, which continues to further develop and expand, are returned to society.

Since early times, mankind has conquered fear by unraveling the unknown and revealing the true nature of what we fear. Axion Research will continue to contribute to the realization of a society where people feel safe and secure and where smiles abound, by uncovering the processes that lead up to illness and the causes of health impediments, together with our collaborating partners and experts, through deep analysis of the undiscovered.

We believe that it is our responsibility as grown-ups living in the present to put our hearts and minds into what we can do now in order to make the future society that our children will inherit when they become adults, the beautiful world they dream of.


Healthcare Professionals

We are seeking the advice and collaboration of medical specialists (MDs, PhDs, MSs, MEs, etc.) and researchers who specialize in areas such as cells, nerves, the brain, fatigue, the immune system, tumors, and cancers (such as colorectal, lung, breast, uterine, pancreatic, kidney, liver, gastric, thyroid cancers, and others). If you are able to assist us, please contact us at the provided contact information.

Health Measurement Devices / Optical or MS, IMS, etc.

We believe that in the future, high-precision and high-performance devices (ultra-small) will be one of the important innovations to accelerate "Precision Health Analysis" as a major trend. P-HARP® and AXiR Engine® will accelerate this mega-trend by collaborating with high-precision and high-performance devices. If you are a potential strategic partner who can promote this, and if you are able to cooperate with us in the future, please contact us at the contact information provided.

P-HARP® Sponsors

P-HARP® is an abbreviation for Precision Health Analysis Research Platform. It has three aspects and roles. First, it serves as one of the driving forces behind the accumulation and analysis of big data based on high-precision measurement data to infer the correlation between health status and disease risks from a scientific perspective. Second, P-HARP® seeks the participation of sponsor companies (business companies, research institutions, investors, and others) to accelerate this trend. Finally, it develops a methodology to construct 2D color gradient matrix information based on vital data and health Q&A, analyze and predict health status, and promote behavioral change to facilitate health improvement, maintenance, and promotion. P-HARP® is seeking individuals, teams, and organizations willing to participate positively in this effort.

AXiR Engine® / Technology Partners

AXiR Engine® aims to adopt a structure that can accelerate various AI software based on hardware that can handle large-scale data processing and achieve high-speed processing, with the ability to handle fine-grained processing in the future. This is based on past experience in developing dynamic reconfiguration technology for course-grained processing and expanding the potential for future AI acceleration by adapting it for fine-grained processing. Rather than using CPUs with DSP, GPU, or FPU implementations based on floating-point operations, vector operations, and special loop structures for high-speed processing, we are seeking partners in device companies and research institutions who are actively involved in the design and development of hybrid computer systems.

Business Partners

Precision Health Analysis is expected to become a mega-trend as it becomes more closely aligned with the new trends in digital health and precision medicine. In the process, the creation and deployment of a wide range of applications are expected. AXiR Engine®/inference engine is aiming to promote screening for early detection of cancer as a test marketing initiative, in addition to lifestyle diseases. The health level is estimated as normal level 1 or 2 (AXiR model-O) and high-risk level 7 (AXiR model-X), with composite state analysis targeted at levels 3-6 (AXiR model-C). We are focusing on data and lifestyle habits common to cancer patients. Initially, the application will target specialized themes in the healthcare field, such as colon cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer (tumors), and prostate cancer, and their correlation with measurement data. However, we hope to expand this to the healthcare field as a whole in cooperation with medical partners, university medical departments, and research institutions. For the high-risk group at level 7 of cancer development, we hope to track additional substances such as miRNA and Exosome with their consent. Early detection is difficult in the early stages of cancer development, but we believe it is possible through regular tracking. With a decreasing birthrate, there is a need for Japan as a whole to minimize the damage to women caused by breast and uterine cancer, and we believe there are many individuals, teams, and organizations in Japan that support this effort. If you are interested in supporting and collaborating with us in our initial approach and subsequent efforts to expand our defensive scope and targets to include colon, stomach, lung, pancreas, kidney, and other cancers, please contact us.