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Building Your "Health Assets"

We understand that the best-case scenario is not to get sick at all, but there is a tendency to think that an ideal state of health is when we can bounce back to normal temperature after a good night's sleep even if we have a fever due to an illness. Of course, many people would prefer to avoid high fevers of 39°C or 40°C and would imagine that a fever of 37°C to 38°C is more manageable.

Knowing your current health status and disease risk is essential, but the ultimate goal is to improve overall health, enhance the quality of life (QoL), and boost immunity if possible. In fact, there is statistical data indicating that 70-80% of people with COVID-19 infections have mild cases (blood oxygen saturation of 96% or higher), while only about 20% develop moderate to severe symptoms requiring ICU or ECMO treatment. The risk of death from severe cases is said to be around 0.02%. Many people would like to increase their health margin as much as possible. This desire for a stronger immune system applies not only to infectious diseases but also to reducing the risk of cancer and lifestyle-related diseases, which is why many people expect to maintain good health. We at AXION Research Inc. are committed to providing personalized "health services" in the field of digital healthcare to support your health improvement journey.

Powerful Support for Increasing Your
"Health Margin"

"Scientifically Advancing Digital Health"
Boosting Resistance to Illness, Aging, and Fatigue

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New Health Management through Visualization of Health Status

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Embracing the Challenge of the
Upcoming Ultra-Healthy Society

Precision Health Analysis Research Platform

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Eco-environment and Energy for next recycling society

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One to N / Team Working Future Robots and hybrid type AI system

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Innovation Platform

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Precision Health Analysis turns individual health data into numerical matrices, visualizing one's health status and disease risk. By clarifying benchmarks and guidelines for maintaining better health, we believe that a society free from illness, where immune systems are preserved, can be achieved. This, in turn, will contribute to a world filled with people's smiles and laughter.

Innovation Platform

Healthcare Professionals

We are in need of specialized physicians and researchers who are knowledgeable in the fields of cellular, neurological, and brain health, as well as fatigue, immunity, tumors, and various types of cancer (including breast, pancreatic, kidney, liver, thyroid, and others).

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Health Measurement Devices

The integration of high-precision, high-performance devices is essential for technologies like P-HARP® and AXiR Engine®. We are actively seeking partners in this field to collaborate and enhance the capabilities of our solutions.

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P-HARP® Sponsors

We are seeking individuals, teams, and organizations capable of collaborating on the development of methods for constructing and analyzing digitally quantified matrix information, and advancing predictive analytics in this field.

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Technology Partners

We are actively seeking business enterprises and research institutions as partners, who are willing to collaborate on the design and development of hybrid computer systems to enhance our technological capabilities.

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Business Partners

Precision Health We are looking to expand the application of Precision Health Analysis in the healthcare domain. If you are interested in supporting our efforts, please feel free to contact us.

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We welcome any inquiries about AXION Research, including questions about our services, suggestions, or any other concerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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"Protect the health of your family and loved ones by yourself"

As we enter 2023, many experts predict that the new year will be marked by a mixture of anticipation and anxiety, as well as opportunities and risks. In terms of health, the number of excess deaths (the increase in the number of deaths compared to the previous year) is at an all-time high, posing a major threat. Japan has experienced significant loss of life in the past, such as during the Great East Japan Earthquake (March 2011), the Hiroshima atomic bombing (August 1945), and the Great Kanto Earthquake (September 1923). However, most Japanese media outlets seem to focus on the importance of accelerating vaccine distribution without addressing this alarming situation. Experts from around the world are watching Japan's situation with astonishment. Although more than six times the number of direct deaths from COVID-19 have been recorded in Japan, the reason for this sixfold increase remains unclear. Even experts from the UK and Israel find this to be unbelievable, and the cause is unknown to Japanese experts as well. Some say this makes Japan a mysterious country, one with many mathematical science experts who cannot apply their expertise to analyze the situation. (Some experts from a certain group are proposing hypotheses and conducting verification, but no conclusive results have been reached yet.)

Transforming Japan's "Achilles' heel" into a strength

With an increasing number of countries becoming reluctant to sell to Japan, the past principle of relying on imports for food, fertilizer, and raw materials is turning into a major vulnerability in terms of national security, including the risk of war. While defense is crucial to Japan's safety, securing a stable food supply is an even more pressing issue. Currently, Japan's cutting-edge technology is advancing and realizing nuclear fusion reactors and carbon-neutral hydrogen engine vehicles, contributing to fields where Japan is expected to excel on the global stage.

"Take control of your own health"

Two years ago, COVID-19 was an unknown disease, but now many MDs and researchers believe it is a thrombosis-related illness. If immune responses and individual recovery abilities function properly, it may be possible to treat COVID-19 like the flu in the future. In fact, there is a possibility that the disease classification may change from the current category 2 to category 5 by spring, allowing treatment at regular hospitals. Japan's Infectious Disease Law has a history of protecting many lives, Even in Japan the position of novel corona virus / Covid-19 has been categorized from Category II to Category V in Classification of Infectious Diseases since May 08, 2023. It means that the infection by Covid-19 can be treated similarly as typical influenza and people must pay attention how to avoid it or minimize the damage in infection. Health care should be managed by individuals.

The foundation of "Health Services" : Visualization Technology (PAT)

What we can do is maintain our health in good condition, boost our immune and recovery capabilities, and secure a health margin to ensure that any treatment needed due to illness is mild. We aim to provide personalized "health services" (advice based on visualization) using visualization technology for each individual.



Visualizing Personal Health Status & Disease Risk (Intellectual Property)

Our concept of "scientific health management" is not about the reactive approach of searching for causes or remedies after falling ill, which incurs significant costs. Instead, we focus on preventive medicine, proactive healthcare, and maintaining health through quantifying health conditions (primarily non-invasive). By detecting diseases, cancer, adult diseases, and serious illnesses at early stages and predicting disease risks, we can initiate early prevention triggered by these factors. Monitoring new health index values can help create a resilient and healthy body through a novel approach to health management. Visualizing and digitizing individual health conditions will make it easier to achieve a safe and secure quality of life for everyone.

Numbers Alone Don't Reach the Heart

In the current situation, being aware of infection risks, severe illness risks, and cancer risks, and making feasible health improvements for each of us can significantly contribute to protecting our health through cooperation with visualization technology. We strongly believe that this will become a global mega-trend in the future.

Today's "Lifestyle and Behavior" Create Future Health or Illness

As one of its roles, Axion Research Inc. is promoting the development and enhancement of the AXiR Engine®, which is not only applicable to static analysis but also dynamic analysis, especially for healthcare-oriented Big Data analysis. We believe that this will become an essential component of future health analysis applications, and we will accelerate its development in collaboration with top-level medical researchers, research institutions, and health business promoters in Japan and around the world.

"Japan" ⇔ "World"… "Precious Future" 

We believe that promoting "from Japan to the world" and changing "the world for Japan" through careful actions will lead to the creation of a "precious future". Although maps clearly define borders, countries, and cities, the reality is seamless.

Smiles and Laughter Create the Best Health and Life

Isolating dangerous or high-risk individuals is one approach, but we believe that "science" can maintain our network while ensuring individual freedom. Minimizing the risk of illness, diseases, and infections, our essential vision is to contribute to the realization of a healthy society filled with smiles.


Rising to the
challenge of the forthcoming
ultra-healthy society

Precision Health Analysis Research Platform

The concept of 'scientifically understanding health' will be realized through the collaboration and cooperation of medical institutions, medical researchers, engineering researchers, measurement and analysis experts, molecular biologists, cell biologists, and each one of us in Japan and around the world. In particular, highly accurate measurement, analysis techniques, and advanced software-based analysis technologies require professional teamwork, including role sharing and feedback, to ensure effectiveness and modeling. Furthermore, it requires passion and sincerity to continuously focus, collaborate, share analysis results, exchange opinions, and carefully prepare for the next steps."

We need your help and the cutting-edge technologies that make new break-through with professional partners who realize the best future for all people on the planet.


Ensuring Healthy
Living for All

Eco-environment and Energy for next recycling society

In developed countries, there is a movement toward creating efficient, circular societies with minimal environmental impact and energy consumption. We are preparing and working to deploy several initiatives to contribute to this realization. In the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Goal 3: "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages," can be achieved through the contributions of large corporations, massive organizations, and at the national level. We believe that improving "health" and quality of life (QOL) is a field in which we can make a valuable contribution.

The construction of a circular society is supported by nanoscale technologies. We also believe that addressing energy challenges and harmful chemical pollution that threatens health and life is a crucial long-term issue to be resolved. Technology is indispensable and the solution to these challenges, but ensuring the health and well-being of those who work to realize these advancements should be a primary objective.



One to N / Team Working Future Robots and hybrid type AI system

News and information about the imminent arrival of a society requiring soft, user-friendly robots using artificial muscles and bio-materials, as well as robots that seamlessly blend with birds, fish, cats, and dogs, are occasionally highlighted. In particular, systems that not only focus on surface materials and movement but also enable one individual to work in coordination with multiple others are increasingly necessary, especially in Japan's aging and declining population. We look forward to proactive participation and collaboration with young researchers, teams, and groups that envision ideas and prototypes for this kind of future.

In Japan, urgent issues include reducing the risks of aging, diseases, and mild cognitive impairment (MCI), as well as the increasing burden of individual medical expenses and reduced care support subsidies. One technology that can help address these problems is the Health Concierge AI and Senior Health Services AI, which are identified as essential technologies for the near future. Can you imagine a future that requires a hybrid AI system designed for such implementations? Each person's unique imagination creates the future. A future that can be imagined can be created.