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2023 / 5 / 15


About deaths in Japan increases drastically


Today the recent number of deaths in Japan increases drastically and shows the largest one in the past years exceeding the last year. Actually, Herpes zoster, cancer and the other diseases looks like increasing and people have some concerns about those. The reason cannot be identified yet because of so many factors. It is said still a mystery. However, some medical doctors or analysts propose possible hypothesis and those are sharing with worried people. We share some information for you to protect yourself as F.Y.I.

According to the explanation by CSIER of National Institute of Infectious Diseases, the estimated number is using Farrington Algorithm that CDC has adopted. EuroMOMO is known globally but it’s incomplete about underage deaths. CSIR doesn’t use EuroMOMO because of that.

: the symbols show the death number and the victims. The figure shows the death number of a monthly basis in the past years in Japan. The numbers are estimated/calculated by the previous year one. The actual numbers are announced by Ministry of Health, Labour Standards every year. The excess deaths and the underage one are below.

CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Excess and Exiguous Deaths Dashboard in Japan
Upper  Lower


In 2020 and 2021 Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Status was not enough compared to the other developed countries, for instance Israel, England and others. At that time Mass Medica in Japan gave people a kick in the back like “Why don’t take a novel coronavirus vaccination?” and the vaccination number has been increased gradually by peer pressure.

Japan achieved No.1 vaccination position in the world but the death number has been increased drastically. Getting so much attention over the world about it and slightly changed the concern of side effect in Japan although the victim number is still not so big yet. Many people heard of the issues in the past years but in the near future people might face the problem because people need to consider those disease damage as possible own issues. In May, 2023 Covid-19 is changed from Category II to Category V in infectious diseases. The death after Covid-19 vaccination is over 2,000 and the application number for Vaccination Health Damage Relief System in Japan is over 6,000. However the officially accepted number is not still enough because they don’t know the criteria of examination and application until they face the necessary action. The accepted application number is 6,219 and the accepted number is 1,622 including 30 deaths.

Some MD announced that health damage could be happening for some people after vaccination of mRNA type and those MDs are increasing. They show the research of mRNA vaccination by Yasufumi Murakami, professor emeritus of Tokyo University Science.

① Thrombosis risk

→ antigen antibody complex grows large and it makes thrombosis.

→ It induces myocardial infarction, cerebral one, heart failure, multiple organ one and etc.

② Immunosuppressive risk

→ Overproduction of spike protein in cells

→ Regulatory T cell activation

→ aberrant growth of IgG4 anti-body / Erlangen-Nuremberg Univ.

1) Inflammatory reaction

→ myocarditis, liver, kidney, ovary

2) Increased infections

→ Herpes zoster, syphilis, monkeypox, tuberculosis, etc.

3) turbo cancer

→ Hyperplasia of Cancer or Malignant tumor (false rumor?)

③ Spike protein toxicity

→ Normal cell could be killed by NK cells or killer T cells.

Abnormally high value of IgG4 antibody shows the related systemic sclerosis of IgG4 as autoimmune disorders, receiving attention. It often shows some lesion of pancreas, liver gall, salivary gland, lacrimal gland, retroperitoneal cavity and whole-body organ, too.

Some professional might say, “Human being and mouse are not same at all. No, problem.” However, the all inoculated mouses are killed after many vaccinations, no surviving chance. MDs have concerns about it, who are taking care of patients with side reaction or sequelae.