Directing&Executive Members



Tomoyoshi Sato

Representative Director and CEO

(Founder of Atonarp Inc.) After advancing the development and commercialization of high-speed data processing, parallel processing, and analysis technology, chip-scale mass spectrometry and non-invasive blood analysis, Tomoyoshi Sato founded Axion Research Inc. to develop predictive estimation technology for health status and disease risk, and promote digital health services. In the past, he has experience in start-up businesses, including acquiring patents and commercializing high-performance DSP cores specialized for specific applications such as PU/VU, and patenting and commercializing high-performance parallel processing processors called DAP/DNA based on dynamic reconfiguration technology. Currently, he plans to collaborate with strategic partners for the "Health Improvement and Promotion Program" to expand from Japan to the world.



Takumi Sato

Director, CTO

Currently a doctoral candidate in the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University, and a research trainee at the RIKEN research institute, focusing on applying machine learning techniques to the healthcare field and conducting research on AI application technology. He studied information science (computer science) for six years in his undergraduate and master's programs. At AXION Research, he is responsible for core development of the AI-based health position and disease risk prediction engine (hybrid DL AXiR Engine®) and the health promotion platform (P-HARP®).



Naoaki Yamanaka, Ph.D.


Dr. Yamanaka joined NTT Laboratories in 1983 and served as a special researcher at the Network Service Systems Laboratory, among other positions as an outstanding staff member. He was appointed as Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the youngest in Japan. In 2003, he became a professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, where he is currently employed. His research focuses on communication networks, smart society, IoT data platforms, and other related fields. He is also in charge of promoting collaboration between medicine and engineering as the head of the Smart Society Division of the Keio University Innovation Promotion Headquarters. Dr. Yamanaka has published over 400 papers and international conference proceedings and holds 340 patents (including 23 international patents).



Nobuo Suzuki

Corporate Auditor

He has experience in various roles including the establishment of Hong Kong branch and Chief Resident Officer of the Washington office at The Industrial Bank of Japan (currently Mizuho Bank), Deputy President and Director of IBJ International Inc. London, and involvement in the establishment of The Industrial Bank of Japan Trust Co. (currently Mizuho Trust & Banking) where he oversaw sales and new product development. He has also served as a board member and management consultant for multiple companies.Currently, he serves as an auditor for Atonarp Inc. since June 2013, and is a co-founding member of AXiON Research Inc.He works for AXiON Research Inc. as a Corporate Auditor to prioritizes compliance and contribute to increase in corporate value. He is also expected to contribute “Health service” business strategy and overseas expansion (communication with overseas investors and executives ).



Shinji Kawashima

Executive Officer CPO

Representative CEO of Mydas Lab. He has previously contributed to the evaluation of parallel processing dynamic reconfiguration chips and support for the acceleration of artificial intelligence (AI). His contributions are expected in the development and commercialization of CPU ICE, probing technology, hybrid AI acceleration, and replica generation technology. He is also involved in the development of digital healthcare platforms.