2023 / 6 / 9


The health status and disease risk in the body is intuitive and very easy to grasp the situation when blood data and vitals are visualized and displayed with colorized correlations, variances and deviations.

One type maker is useful as reference of some diseases but it’s not enough and not the best to estimate the condition of the internal body. It’s very hard to infer some disease possibilities happening now in the body. Can you accept your body condition told by a famous MD without questions? Even Japanese Shogi Player 7 Crowns, Sota Fujii has 83.4%-win rate but it’s not 100% actually. The individual healthiness and the disease risk of human being is very complicated more than you can imagine and those are changing every day and per a few hours.

For your reference, mitochondria for energy production, well-known as essential organelles is completing the division and fusion in 2 hours, according to the white paper about the experimental verification of mitochondria in higher plants. For instance, if two persons have the value, 65 of eGFR, you imagine the two are same. In addition, if you find the one person has 6.2 of uric acid level and another is 7.6, you must think that the two are different. Similarly, AI could reach the same conclusion with big data of healthiness.

However, it can be slightly different if all correlation of the health data matrices must be used. When the low value of eGFR shows some decreased renal function and peripheral vascular deterioration, it might show the diastolic blood pressure slightly higher. It must increase the concordance rate of the disease risk with your feelings, if the disease risk heat map by gradation color is created using systolic blood pressure BP-H, diastolic blood pressure BP-L, L/H ratio of cholesterol, arteriosclerosis index AI, arteriosclerosis risk index RFI, Waist measurement might be one of personal information to make others not to access easily.

It could be high correlation with cholesterols and others like visceral fat as one clue to show chronic inflammation, causing an imagination about it with a high probability. The number make people greedily eat all the stake, all the sweets or low GI foods preferentially like vegetable first and it must be your own policy or eating habit. In many cases it can be helpful for you to prevent deterioration of health and easy aging. You may think about the good time to use the Ax-Help for your health promotion because your healthy life expectancy from 90s or 100s to 120s … 180s as future expectation.